Vertical Carousels Put all your Files at the Touch of a Button!

That's right!!

Vertical carousels bring the file to you, instead of you having to go to the file! No more walking, reaching, bending, stooping, climbing ladders, using step stools. Just press the button of your electric file cabinet.

Have you ever been at the amusement park and ridden on a ferris wheel? If so, you have personally experienced the vertical carousel concept in action.

[Safety/Common Sense Tip] So with that said, let me be clear in saying that office and industrial carousels are not meant for human riders! Should you seriously consider such action, seek immediate psychological counseling!!

Controlling a Vertical Carousel

Vertical carousels operate via a built in motor or motors and rotate with input from a keypad, computer or even bar code scanner. Units can be linked together permitting one file clerk to operate multiple carousels at one time.

In operations where security and or confidentiality are important the unit can be password protected. In fact it is possible to limit user access to only specific shelves or drawers, making it possible for different departments to use share a unit. Speaking of protection, it is also possible to install fire suppression systems inside the carousels reducing the need for fire resistant file cabinets.

Maximize Space Even Above the Ceiling!

Another unique characteristic of carousels is space efficiency. Many offices have a false or drop ceiling. I have found anywhere from 2 feet to as much as 15 feet of usable unobstructed vertical space.  Carousels can be built up to 30 feet tall making them the "king" of storage capacity, even surpassing mobile shelving when ceiling height is not restricted.

{Space Saving Tip} The Hanel Rotomat pictured above actually extends 10' above the drop ceiling in this office. Going through the ceiling more than doubled the unit's capacity providing storage capacity equivalent of 40 file cabinets in a foot print that is 10' wide by 4' deep!

Is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance an Issue for your Company?

A vertical carousel is the only piece of office file storage equipment which is 100% compliant with (ADA). Compliance is achieved because all files in the electric file cabinet can be delivered to what is called the Golden Zone, enabling an employee in a wheelchair to access any file they need. How Empowering!!

No other type of office file storage equipment offers the accessibility of a vertical carousel!

Office carousels are multi-media cabinets with the carriers inside the units capable of accommodating drawer method filing or shelf method filing. All different types of media can be stored in these electric file cabinets including Top Tab File Folders, End Tab File Folders, Hanging Penda-flex File Folders, Binders, CD's, DVD's, Index Cards, Office Supplies, Forms, Literature and even Mail slots.

The best machines are all made in Germany and with all that solid German engineering, it is not uncommon for the life span of this type of equipment to be 30 years or more.

Vertical carousels also reduce access time to files by 75% as compared to file cabinets or file shelving. File departments looking to increase worker productivity or decrease headcount can easily justify the additional cost of this type of equipment.

If you would like to learn more about how vertical carousels reduce the payroll and increase the number of file actions per day, click here for help.

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