Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving

Patented back in 1961, Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving was a brand new concept in the world of shelving. Not only was Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving strong but it was assembled with only a rubber mallet. Nuts and bolts were replaced with easy to install shelf supports. Many users choose to install the shelving themselves and all users are able to reconfigure shelf spacing without the need of a service technician.

The installation process is very simple as referenced below.

There are three main components to Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving, uprights, shelf supports and shelves. Uprights make up the sides of a section of shelving, two shelf supports per level (one in front and one in back) lock into key holes on the uprights with a rubber mallet and shelves are placed on top of the shelf supports.

If you have existing Aurora Shelving and need additional shelving units or just a few parts.

The founder of our company helped to develop the Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving concept. Having been a designer and supplier for close to 50 years we have developed a knowledge base about Aurora Shelving that few if any can match.

The volume business we do each year qualifies us for the maximum discount structure, which we pass along to our clients. We ship nationwide directly from the factory in Aurora, IL. Quick Ship is available in various sizes and colors when you need it fast!

{HELPFUL TIP}: Since the patent ran out, other companies have started manufacturing their version of Aurora Shelving. Not all manufacturers parts are completely interchangable with Aurora Shelving and visa versa. Contact me, I am happy to help you figure it out!

New Versions of Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving

File Shelving - used in medical filing systems, dental filing systems, hospitals, law firms, insurance companies, human resources, accounts payable, payroll, customer files, government agencies such as police records, assessors offices, circuit court files, county clerk files, purchasing files and file rooms everywhere. Enclosed File Shelving is also something to consider if your files need to be locked?

X-ray Shelving - used in hospitals, medical practices and health departments to hold X-rays, Mamograms, and other Radiological pictures.  X-ray shelving units can be placed on top of mobile carriages to double a room's storage capacity.

Storage Shelving - used to store everything from office supplies, to computer parts, business forms, archive boxes, warehouse inventory, car parts, museum collections, police evidence and the list of applications goes on and on and on.

Library Shelving - used in public libraries, private libraries, school libraries, corporate libraries and even archives. The Quik-Lok design holds the same amount of books while using 10-12% less floor space than cantilever shelving. Also known as case style library shelving, it is the most space efficient type of library shelving available!

High Elevation Shelving

High Elevation Shelving - also known as high rise shelving or high bay shelving is built to heights of more than 30' the high-elevation concept is being used for offsite archive box storage at major companies and government agencies as well as for offsite library book storage at major universities. 

Access to the upper levels is accomplished via a man lift, which is an automated lift that gets driven into the aisle and raises up and down to access the contents of the shelves.

Contact me directly if you need parts for your existing Aurora Quik-Lok Shelving, if you need design help for a new room or just want to add a few units to an existing installation..

With over 1 Billion feet of shelving manufactured to date, the Quik-Lok Shelving concept has definitely caught on in a big way!

American-made by the Richards Wilcox Company of Aurora, Illinois a suburb of Chicago. A Lifetime Structural Warranty is included and the shelving is available in more standard sizes. colors and styles than any other brand of four post shelving currently on the market. It is also compatible with mobile shelving, high density mobile shelving and compact shelving systems.

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